Focus on installations and maintenance. We'll automate repetitive tasks

Efficiently assign work to your crews with only a few clicks
Empower supervisors to track crew progress in the field from anywhere
Scheduling & dispatching
Crew management view

Improve management

Define and track each step of field activity to enforce quality control and reduce errors
Optimize crew routes with one click for better performance with real-time updates using Google Maps
Custom workflow
Route optimization
Manage invoicing for single or multiple installations with ease
route optimization scheduling dispatching
Save time with automation and reduce no-shows by 90%
Minimize repeat visits with real-time field data validation
Appointment reminders
Data collection

Impress clients

Track modules, meters, and other valuable devices to avoid any equipment loss
Visualize project key performance indicators (KPI) and crucial data points with management metrics
Asset tracking
Progress dashboard
Appointment scheduling
Reduce scheduling complexity with easy-to-use interface
appointment reminders asset tracking
Reduce installation time to save up to 40% of labor costs
Avoid costly on-site equipment and maintenance
Minimize labor cost
Cloud infrastructure

Grow profit

Stay informed with easily customizable reports or export data to an Excel spreadsheet
Pay Fieldman per completed installation, not for downtime or while delayed
No fees when project is on hold
Inventory management
Track every asset by serial number and eliminate inventory loss
minimize labor cost no fees
Do more installations each day and get more done without hiring additional staff