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Fieldman Management Platform Launches System for Vaccine and Testing Tracking

Sawyer, MI, December 01, 2021 Fieldman Management Systems, an innovative field management platform for all types of utility projects, today announced the official launch of the system that can track an employee's vaccination or weekly testing status. It can be used either as part of the Fieldman Management Platform or a stand-alone system. The system can be deployed to an already existing cloud infrastructure with a single sign-on for additional integration.

As US businesses set out to navigate how to implement the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) COVID vaccination mandate for staff of businesses with 100 or more employees, it's never been more important for teams to save time by using a simple tool to track workers' vaccination records.

"We're excited to present the solution that can assist utilities and utility vendors to stay in compliance with required OSHA reporting," explains Vlad Kravchenko, CEO of Fieldman Management Systems. We have recognized our clients' need for these features, and Fieldman developers have delivered the optimum solution. Now, utility managers can effortlessly keep all information about team vaccination statuses and weekly testing results in one place and focus on the work that matters most." When used as a part of the Fieldman platform, this tool reduces the need for app switching.

In addition to meeting OSHA requirements, businesses can use the Fieldman vaccine and testing tracking software to reduce both absenteeism and health care costs. "In the utility industry, executives want to get back to normal, and vaccination is the quickest way to get there," believes Vlad Kravchenko.

The Fieldman platform is configurable and allows the addition of real-life business processes, converting them into an efficient and transparent workflow. With vaccination tracking, Fieldman will notify when a team member or supervisor vaccination status must be updated. The key is to make the data collection easy but also robust enough for accurate reporting.

Fieldman management platform was designed in the USA to improve the efficiency of a range of utility field projects. It's the first cloud-based platform in the utility industry and has proved to be greatly more capable than other outdated software. Fieldman reduces average project costs by 10-40 % and improves team productivity by up to 30 %.

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