We arm utility field teams with powerful IT tools

Our founder Vlad was leading an IT development team for over a decade, creating innovative solutions for companies large and small, including Honeywell, Duke Energy, Choptank Electric Cooperative. He became concerned about the gap between utility fieldwork systems and modern IT architecture. Vlad founded Fieldman to create a cloud computing platform that makes it super easy to spin up, configure and deploy Machine Learning and AI.

Why are we here?

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We created an intuitive system for the whole team, from the utility field worker to the back office and everyone in between. Our engineers spend their days designing product features based on feedback from real field workers, crews, and project managers. Fieldman provides ease, flow, and focus to field workers instead of getting in the way of the job at hand. Our platform is easily customizable to fit the needs of any project.

What is Fieldman?

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Cloud technology allows us to offer a new pricing model. Forget about investing in bulky equipment, purchasing licenses for each worker, and paying even when a project is delayed. We charge only per installation and offer a flexible discount system depending on the volume and complexity. Fieldman will help you save up to 45% off regular field management systems costs.

New pricing

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Software is changing much faster than hardware, and we know that devices for data collection can get in the way. By the time you start a new project, the hardware that your company purchased is already obsolete.

Adding untested device models to the mix is problematic and costs a lot of money. Our approach is hardware independent; you can mix and match devices, models, and operating systems. Fieldman doesn't force you to buy specific hardware, just bring your own device, and the Fieldman app will run on it.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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We want all utility vendors to enjoy rapidly evolving technologies as we do. We will help you navigate the complicated IT landscape, including machine learning and AI. In our experience, the utility project you start is not the project you end up with because new requirements often arise. The Fieldman team knows how to quickly adapt the system to avoid work delays or revenue loss.


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